Granny Flats in Wollongong & Sydney

Granny Flats

In Australia, a ‘granny flat’ is a studio unit or self-contained guest house within a property that can accommodate a renter, family member or housekeeper. Granny flats are excellent as a small lodging usually for a single person. These are worthwhile home additions because they not only increase the value of a home but also address the changing needs of a family as it matures or provide rental income.

Benefits of Investing in a Granny Flat

● A positively geared investment.
● In comparison to financing a standalone investment property, building a granny flat is much cheaper.
● Increases property value by creating additional occupancy.
● A relatively simple council approval process in NSW.
● Rental income.

Building a granny flat is a specialised skill and not every builder in your locality will be able to deliver plans that are functional, stylish, modern, within budget, and make the best use of the available space. Our in-house architects and engineers will table all the features with ease to comprehensively ensure that everyone involved in the design and build process is on the same page.

Many sites and properties in the Wollongong area are very steep. Not every builder is able to safely navigate and successfully build on this more difficult terrain. Our uniquely specialised experience in steep and tight access blocks allows us to create designs that suit the specific requirements of the locality, the property and the residents.

Secure Your Financial Return

Creating a masterful dual occupancy or granny flat that is a pleasure to live in and services the financial return on investment that it must deliver is an art form, which we have developed over many years.

Check Icon   Years of experience in building granny flats and ancillary dwellings.

Check Icon   A variety of floor plans in accordance with the main home and its design.

Check Icon   Adequately trained and highly experienced in BASIX compliant finishes, eco-Friendly P.C. items, green building materials, and more.

Check Icon   All necessary support related to approval and compliance.

Check Icon   High-quality workmanship, integrity, and customer service.

If you have already decided to build your guesthouse or granny flat, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation session.